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Vurallar Cheesemaking.

Halit Kesgin had started dairy product production at the beginning of 1960s, and become member of Chamber of Commerce in 1977. During that period, products were supplied from East Anatolian and Black sea region. Later, the company had expanded market network. Now the company expanded product range across Turkey, especially in Marmara region. In 1985, Vural Food is found in Kocaeli/Gölcük, and the company headquarters was moved here. Form that day forward, production centre of the company is Kars, and sales, marketing, and distribution centre is KOCAELİ. In 2005, second production facility called Ardahat Dairy Ind. Trade. Ltd. Co. was established.

Our enterprise is under integrated facility. Daily production capacity is 120 tons. Additionally, the facility has modern equipment to produce according to European standards. Aged Cheese, Fresh Cheddar, Herby Cheese, Kars and Erzincan Brynza, Çeçil Cheese, Plaited Cheese, and Dairy products.

Well-trained personnel is important for our high quality production for integration of modern facility. Each of our personnel must complete a challenging training before working with us. We are working hard to provide healthy and natural products to Turkish market under the supervision of our experienced and expert personnel.

Our modern facilities produce natural, additive-free, and hygienic products that are beneficial to human health and compliant with production standards. Our products are examples to the sector with unconditional customer satisfaction by meeting all the expectations and needs of our customers.

As Vural Cheesemaking Inc, we are still producing in Ardahan and Kars. Our objective is integrated healthy and delicious dairy products with high-quality by respecting nature and humans. We also want to transform this objective into standards and maintain this standard, quality policy, work ethics, and social precision and continue working with high success rate in the sector.  Additionally, we are offering our services in wholesale and retail local market and vendors across Turkey withour comprimising cold chain.