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Caucasian Bee Flower Honey is produced from hundreds of pollen and nectar mixture in highlands of Kars and Ardahan. Since there is no agricultural disinfection or fertilisation in Kars and Ardahan region, the honey is completely organic. It is easy to verify this. As it is known, in Kars and Ardahan region, agricultural products with economic value cannot be grown. This is caused by climate conditions. Kars-Ardahan region has chernozem which is one of the most fertile type of land. However, since the temperature reaches minus (-) values even during summer, and frost, this region is unsuitable for agriculture. There is agriculture in this region, however, the agriculture is connected with stock farming. Agricultural products of this region are limited with wheat, barley, and oat. As it is known, these plants don’t need disinfection. There is no need to that. This shows that green flora of this region is completely organic. Therefore, Ardahan Honey is completely organic and is a natural product.

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